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Bath In Time holds rich and diverse image collections, from photographs, maps and posters to works of art and ephemera. If you are looking for some inspiration, browse our selection of popular themes.

A collection of images relecting the era of Jane Austen's Bath

Jane Austen's Bath

These images reflect the city as it was known by Bath’s most famous resident, Jane Austen.


A collection of images relecting the era of Jane Austen's Bath


A unique collection of suffragette images taken at Eagle House, Batheaston. The house was owned by the Blathwayts, a family of suffragette supporters.


Vintage photography of street life from Bath in the 19th and 20th century

Street Life

Vintage photography from the 19th and 20th century. A mixed collection of some of Bath's most famous streets, as they looked in yesteryear.


A collection of images reflecting Bath's history of transport

Travel Back In Time

Nothing perhaps dates an era as much as the transport used at the time. One example of transport in Bath from a bygone age are the trams. As well as trams, the archive has images of trains, cars, bicycles, boats and more.


A collection of fascinating maps of Bath and of Somerset

Marvellous Maps

The archive contains many fascinating maps of Bath and of Somerset. The earliest dating from the 16th century, these maps show how the city and wider area have evolved over time.


A collection of images of Bath during the World War II blitz.

Bath Blitz

Bath was heavily bombed in WW2 . Raids targeted cultural and historical sites in England and took place in response to RAF raids on German civilian targets. Many residents thought planes would be targeting Bristol.


Bath in Dufaycolor

Bath In Dufaycolor

Dufaycolor was an early British colour photographic film process first used in stills in 1935. Popular with amateur photographers because it was a smaller format for ‘snapshot’ camera use and processed at home.


Poster from previous Bath Guidebooks and Bath Festival guides.

Posters from the Past

Striking images taken from the covers of vintage Bath Official Guidebooks and Bath Festival posters.


A collection of famous people who have visited Bath.

Famous Faces

Bath has a right royal history.  In 973 King Edgar, first king of all England was crowned at Bath Abbey. Elizabeth I visited in 1574. Queen Charlotte and later William IV both lived in Bath for a time.